Look what comes out of my camera. Yuck! [befores & afters]

My clients say it all the time…  I make it look simple. I enter a room, I eye the space, move some things here and there and I snap away. Different angles, different corners, get in close, move back… “I’m dooooone!” I sing out to the owner and my client. Pack up. And I’m off.

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What to pack in your hospital bag

Hdelivery_l_tnbospitals are icky. I hate them. What’s worse, is being stuck inside one and not having  your favorite relaxing music, your go to snacks, or your own toothbrush. Brining a little bit of comfort to have with you on the day of labor, weather spontaneous or planned cesarean, will help with relaxing and being comfortable during and afterwards. I’m all about practical, simple and efficient. So pack it all to fit in one bag, and not a suitcase made for a 7 day cruise.

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37 Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

I scowered the web looking for the best and most sensible newborn essentials checklist and I was surprised to find lists that suggested you need a sink load of bottles, dozens of onesie pajamas , and a crap load of toys for a newborn. This is…

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111 Things All New Dads Should Know


With this new baby on his way, my millennial research addiction has been in full force and there was nothing I didn’t want to research. As conversations came to with Joe, lots of random ‘What can I expect?’ questions from a Dad’s point of view surfaced. And as a Woman, my insight may be a little one-sided. With that side, and with some inspiration, I created a list, a long list, of 111 things, I think, all new dads should know.


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A letter to Parents: Stop raising assholes



This is a letter about a very personal experience with 2 groups of people of the similar heritages and how our current group of parents has failed one of them.

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Behind the scenes: Joe training #boxerswife

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.08.04 AM

These days, I don’t get to see this often. Training time is sacred to the fighters, their coach and their team. But on the days that I can stop by for a quick visit, it reinforces my respect for what they do, and what they all do it for.

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We humans all come from the same place

No matter what faith you follow, what God you pray to, what ideologies you have, what race you are, what knowledge you’ve learned, or what wealth you’ve obtained…

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#AltonSterling ‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬

I am trying REALLY hard to go about my business while making sense of all this because in a few hours I have to have a talk about it with the Children. I have yet to share or explain any of this to our Children because I’m not the “Oh, there are big bad scary people in the world that do really mean things, just ignore what you see” type of parent. Or some parents have suggested to “shut of all TV and internet until this passes over”. That’s ridiculous to me.