Mommy confessions #2: I can’t look in the mirror

20161230_070024The most embarrassing post I’ve ever written.

Mommy confession #2: I hate my postpartum body.

Last summer I was as pregnant as can be flaunting an itsy bitsy black bikini at the pool. I remember the day Joe bought it for me and boy I couldn’t wait to put it on. Proud as ever of my 8 months very pregnant baby bump and the bodacious body that came along with it, I felt amazing and gorgeous and I knew I glowed and I couldn’t wait to flaunt my new bikini ready body. And I did. And people stared. And I didn’t care because I was loving my skin and the beauty behind growing life within me. With my white pool dress and my movie star glasses I wobbled onto that pool deck like it was a fashion week runway. My confidence was at an all time high. And I took great pleasure in it.

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Post Partum Sucks, and I Love It


Leaky, uneven boobs. Saggy, dark, squishy belly skin. Itchy and still painful operation incision. A newborn that nurses on demand at either every 3 hours or every hour and a half, for food and for comfort. I am tired. I am hungry. I am crazed. I am anxious. I hurt.





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The fifth human: Happy 37 weeks


I’m not worried about the pain. I’m not worried about the added responsibility. I’m not even worried about the sleepless nights.

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What to pack in your hospital bag

Hdelivery_l_tnbospitals are icky. I hate them. What’s worse, is being stuck inside one and not having  your favorite relaxing music, your go to snacks, or your own toothbrush. Brining a little bit of comfort to have with you on the day of labor, weather spontaneous or planned cesarean, will help with relaxing and being comfortable during and afterwards. I’m all about practical, simple and efficient. So pack it all to fit in one bag, and not a suitcase made for a 7 day cruise.

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111 Things All New Dads Should Know


With this new baby on his way, my millennial research addiction has been in full force and there was nothing I didn’t want to research. As conversations came to with Joe, lots of random ‘What can I expect?’ questions from a Dad’s point of view surfaced. And as a Woman, my insight may be a little one-sided. With that side, and with some inspiration, I created a list, a long list, of 111 things, I think, all new dads should know.


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We humans all come from the same place

No matter what faith you follow, what God you pray to, what ideologies you have, what race you are, what knowledge you’ve learned, or what wealth you’ve obtained…

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The fifth human: Mama dreams a lot

You’re all I think about these days. Are you okay in there? Will you like it out here? Will you love me as much as I love you?

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The fifth human: A light on your heart

You have 2 lights on your heart. And now mine is hurting a bit.
Little Baby,
You’re growing so beautifully. I feel you regularly every day. I feel like I can tell when I am in an uncomfortable position and you need me to adjust because you push down below. I also feel like you know when your Papa is not home, you don’t move as much.

The fifth human: It takes a village

It takes a village. These are some of the beautiful souls in mine.

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