August 31 Day Challenge: 1. Mission Statement

This is a bit over ambitious for me. However, I am going to do this. I am going to make time. Because it’s what I need.

Day 1. Mission Statement

To live a life while earning an income that allows us to experience and enjoy what we can while we have time here. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.24.54 AM

THIS is living to me.
Handling business during the morning.
Enjoying this crazy city of ours in the afternoons.
Relaxed. At ease. Breathing.
Today I start an entrepreneurial challenge and Day #1 asked… “Whats your mission statement?” This picture is a huge part of it. Something as simple as taking a 3 hour walk through the gardens, appreciating our lives, enjoying our littles, discussing business strategy, not answering calls or texts, and just being in our little moment… this is it.


Funny Pregnancy Thoughts

August 20 2016

Right now, there are people trying to perform the perfect front pike, surface arch, and ballet leg double in order to win a gold medal.

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Does it snow in Africa?

May 14, 2013 at 8:27pm · New York ·

“Does it snow in Africa? Does it snow on the Moon? How do you know? Can you name all the continents? At what degrees does water freeze? Can you help me find this other sock, it’s my favorite pair. Do you know which way this piece moves? The directions on this key chain craft doesn’t make sense. If I am bleeding through my eye balls, am I going die? Why does he live outside? Where did the sun come from? What happens when we die? How many seconds are there in 1 billion years? Why do we fart?”

I love being a parent. I really do… But can someone please tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY didn’t anyone mention that I had to be a walking encyclopedia, referee, all games rules knower, explorer, inventor, fake jewelry designer, expert card maker, science project all do-er, goodnight song singer, broken thing fixer, rapper, chef, maid, outfit matcher, nail trimmer, hair inspector, foot smeller, event organizer, appointment setter, confirmer and follow-up-er, plant grower, life philosophy explainer, astronomer, doctor, healer, gossip explainer, sticky note supplier, bully ass kicker, watch woman – day and night, tissue handler, car pooler, sock finder, hair tie finder, cap finder, how things work explainer, why things don’t work explainer, nerf gun expert, battery size expert, lego expert, hot wheels expert, playdoh picker, measuring the size of a kids foot by eye apprentice, measuring the size of a kids clothes by eye without the kid being present master, super hero power knower, monster hugh dolls name knower, food label reader, cleaning supply label reader, bad smell sniffer and culprit locator…..

I think I might be forgetting a few things….

Sheesh I could have at least taken a class or two if someone would have kindly given me a heads up!!!

her grace is as fierce as her kick… and i photographed her

her grace is as fierce as her kick… and i photographed her

One of my favorite photos.

She’s a beautiful force to be reckoned with. In and out of the ring. 

Ever meet people that you just know will leave a lasting impression… 

She wasn’t just a fighter to me. She wasn’t just another client for me. She became a friend, an inspiration. She became someone that I can look up to. Hard work and dedication is like breathing for her. “It doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s fun. It’s what I really love to do” is what she said to me on the day we had  our first official photo shoot. Her community was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. She was not exempt. But not even Mother Nature could stop her perseverance.  She continues to train for her upcoming fight at Combat at the Capitale in November. And she holds classes for her students at a temporary location so that they can concentrate on themselves at least a couple of times a week while their lives are pieced back together. 

Her name is Andrea DeAngelo…  and I photographed her. 

Andrea DeAngelo
Champions Fitness Center & Louis Neglia Martial Arts
Photos by Chastity Cortijo © 2012
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