Baby Update: Breastfed Babies aren’t light weight

  • 20161114_140529
    This was #BabyDom ‘s reaction after finding out he is a whopping 12 lbs 9oz.😁😁😁 Our little guy is only 7 weeks old and already proving that exclusively #breastfed babies aren’t light weight.  






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37 Essentials for Your Newborn Baby

I scowered the web looking for the best and most sensible newborn essentials checklist and I was surprised to find lists that suggested you need a sink load of bottles, dozens of onesie pajamas , and a crap load of toys for a newborn. This is…

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The fifth human: Mama dreams a lot

You’re all I think about these days. Are you okay in there? Will you like it out here? Will you love me as much as I love you?

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The fifth human: A light on your heart

You have 2 lights on your heart. And now mine is hurting a bit.
Little Baby,
You’re growing so beautifully. I feel you regularly every day. I feel like I can tell when I am in an uncomfortable position and you need me to adjust because you push down below. I also feel like you know when your Papa is not home, you don’t move as much.

The fifth human: It takes a village

It takes a village. These are some of the beautiful souls in mine.

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Funny Pregnancy Thoughts

August 20 2016

Right now, there are people trying to perform the perfect front pike, surface arch, and ballet leg double in order to win a gold medal.

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The fifth human: Burgers & Babies


Little Baby,

So much is happening and time is moving so fast. I don’t get to write in your journal as often as I would like to.  So let’s play some recap.

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