About me


My name is Chastity. I am a work at home photographer mom from Brooklyn, NY who writes instead of sleeps. I have 2 children with one on the way. My son is 13, my daughter is 10. The new baby is the result of a night of new years passion with my partner Joe which makes us a truly blended family. I love Joe. I love Joe more than coffee and chocolate combined. The 5 of us plan to live in our super tiny Brooklyn apartment until someone drags us out of here kicking and screaming into a house in the woods.

I love to write about the things that I love, the things that I hate, my opinions and even my change of opinions. Hence this blog you will find everything from reviews to dislikes. Enjoy the ride!

We are vegetarians, most of the time. But all of the time we are very conscious and aware of what we eat, do, and say.

We homeschool, in NYC at that. Which is crazy. But it has been an amazing journey nonetheless and a topic I love to talk about.

My son is all about soccer. My daughter is obsessed with everything gymnastics.

My partner, Joe, is a full time boxer. He has a seasoned amateur record and is on the road to going Pro by 2017. His journey is wild and a lot of the struggles go unseen. Being his wife through this journey has many challenges that go unseen as well. As with any relationship, but especially with an athlete, your partner’s support is integral to the success of your daily life, and I work very hard to make sure my support is of the best quality and sincerity he could have ever asked for. From the grocery shopping, to the daily routines and the day of events regimens, nothing can go uncared for and it’s my pleasure to keep it all together. Lots to write about here.

Altogether, as family, we run businesses from our tiny apartment. I am a full time photographer for real estate agents, interior designers, renovation specialists, vacation rental owners, Evolve Vacation Rentals, and GrubHub [the food ordering app]. I also have a huge affinity for refurbishing furniture pieces, something the kids join in on. And we hope to open our own second hand shop one day.

I love to talk about the things that I love. From products to places, when I find something that is helpful, entertaining, free [or inexpensive] especially if it can help other moms, I don’t shut up about it. Which makes me a great brand ambassador and product influencer.

In my previous corporate life, I worked for a marketing company that owns a mom social networking site, and I was often chosen as an Influencer to review products because of my love for sharing with my world.

For influencer projects, please contact me at 347-770-4087 or chastityco@aim.com.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us. See you the other side!


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