P.S.A – Support Your Peoples, Dammit!

support your friends
People Love Your Work
until they have to pay for it.

I’ve been self employed for quite a while now. And I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am [still a long way to go] without people believing in me.

When you have an idea, people aren’t investing in your IDEA, they’re investing in YOU. So it’s important that you give all that you can to your craft. And show them you believe in yourself more than anyone else.

But something that makes me wildly, obnoxiously crazed, something I’ve experienced & I see my friends experiencing ALL.THE.TIME. is when YOUR PEOPLE say “Can you do XYZ for my event/apartment/product? I’m on a tight budget, BUT I’ll post on my Facebook and you’ll get GREAT EXPOSURE!”

Honey, last time I checked ConEd doesn’t have an option for exposure in their drop down menu as a form of payment. One of the reasons why WE as a people don’t get ahead, is because WE don’t support each other. It’s so damn lame.

When you order your Tall, NonFat Latte With Caramel Drizzle, do you ask the barista to waive your bill? When you buy Air Jordan 1 Retro OG’s, do you ask for 75% off at the sneaker shop? When you get your hair done, do you ask the stylist for a cut on the arm and you’ll hook her up’ with a shout out on IG? No? So then WHY do you do it to your FRIENDS & FAMILY who are starting their own thing? Oh, because they aren’t established? Or just starting?

Listen, if your newly SE buddy gives you a discount on their newly found passion then lucky you. You’ve just joined their Friends With Benefits club because you helped them on the start up. You get to say I was one of the first! Even if their newly found idea is rough there’s nothing WORSE you can do for a daring bold terrified entrepreneur than to suggest that what they’re selling is not worthy of payment. It’s a self esteem killer. It’s discouraging. And it’s a demotivator when your own friends don’t believe in you enough to say “Here man your product still needs work but I believe in you and here is my investment in YOU.” Give them time, inspire them, and show them you have their back.

Because there will be a day when that $5 service turns into a $500 service and you are going to WISH You were in that FWB club. I promise.

Just a reminder:
1. Oprah was fired by a producer because she was “unfit for television”.
2. JK Rowling was jobless, divorced, penniless, and with a dependent child.
3. Paulo Coelho was admitted to a psychiatric ward 3 times because his family though he was crazy.

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