August 31 Day Challenge: 3. Favorite Entrepreneur Podcast

Day 3. Favorite Entrepreneur Podcast

Seth Godin

I came across his Stop Stealing Dreams talk on TedX and from there on I knew this man had something for me to hear. It’s one of those talks where you knew what he was saying all along but never found the words to express it yourself let alone put anything into practice.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 6.54.48 AM
Instagram @chastitycophotos

His website is full of invaluable information for anyone looking to venture out on their own or improve their existing situation. There are a tons of videos of him speaking at events, But my favorite thing about him is that he writes  on his blog Some days it’s a few paragraphs. Others it’s just a few lines. But he exercises his craft every day without fail.

The importance of always exercising your craft is where many people fall short, including me. So here’s to learning from those that do it great. Thanks Seth Godin!

What about You? Who is your Favorite Entrepreneur Podcast

I really love this 31 day challenge by !

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