Mommy Confession #1


Mommy Confession #1: Sometimes, when the baby is sleeping, and I’m up and about doing household things, I have a mini panic attack, for like 3 seconds, because I remember that there’s a NEW HUMAN in the house and I am responsible for him, and I have to help teach him all these things, and I have to show him the ropes, and I have to nurture him and protect him. Thats the part that scares me the most… protecting him. How?

I look at him and all his innocence, and his genuine little feelings, and his unquestioning gaze, and unbiased existence, and I am scared shit. So many things could go wrong… but then these moments happen when everything is absolutely right.

Ahhhhhhhh, no matter how many kids in, this doesn’t get easier, we just get stronger.

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