Baby Update: Breastfed Babies aren’t light weight

  • 20161114_140529
    This was #BabyDom ‘s reaction after finding out he is a whopping 12 lbs 9oz.😁😁😁 Our little guy is only 7 weeks old and already proving that exclusively #breastfed babies aren’t light weight.  






This exclusively breast feeding business is beyond any type of exhaustion I have ever experienced. It’s not just about the sleep. It is physically, nutritionally, mentally draining. And if I am totally honest, sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with it. It’s a constant battle between making sure I am adequately hydrated, properly nutritioned and well rested. A bunch of contradictions to having a newborn baby. But when I weighed the pros and cons of exclusively breastfeeding, I decided that the act of becoming a mother to someone defines the word sacrifice, the word selflessness, and the word unconditional. So the cons are irrelevant to me. .

Aside from the nutritional benefits, the emotional, mental and physical benefits have been beyond anything I could have imagined. Our nursing times are frequent and scattered through out the day. But I already see some distance between them and know that in due time those moments will be less and less. There is nothing that comes close to holding this little lovey, belly to belly, feeling his little breath on my chest, looking into his eyes as his little fingers grab onto me, knowing I am giving him the best of me, and that he depends on me in that way. He depends on me to take care of myself. He depends on me to be strong. And He depends on me for comfort. And I LOVE being all that to him. .

Motherhood is all about selflessness. It’s about giving with no expectation of receiving. It’s about being your best self because someone depends on you to be. And there is nothing else like it.



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