Show and Tell: Before & After Closet on Fifth

For this project I was commissioned  by 9Fi5th to photograph custom closet installations designed by Susan of California Closets for an apartment at 212 Fifth Avenue in NYC. The model apartment was absolutely stunning and was nothing less than what you would expect for a 5th Avenue address. So it was a treat to be in.

However, it still posed the same challenges for me as any other space when I don’t know what to expect.

I often find that I am set apart from my counterparts out of state in the sense that photographing in NYC everything is always rush, rush, rush. Most times I have to be in and out in under an hour and I don’t have the luxury of planning my set up, taking my time, walking through,  or carry loads of equipment. With the clients I have and the spaces I deal with, I have to think super quick,  be efficient and deliver great quality. So while my way of working these spaces may not be traditional or even correct by industry standards, as long as my clients are happy, I am good to go.

Here’s a peak at the before and after of one of the images that made the cut. Not too shabby for a 30 minute shoot that pushed out 20 final photos.





Thanks for looking.

And don’t forget to be kind to your photographer, because exposure doesn’t pay the bills. 



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