We humans all come from the same place

No matter what faith you follow, what God you pray to, what ideologies you have, what race you are, what knowledge you’ve learned, or what wealth you’ve obtained…

We ALL come into this world the same way. And we all leave this world the same way.Even the holiest of men, the most powerful kings, and the most humblest leaders traveled to this realm through the body of his mother. None of them were that special that they just ‘appeared’.

None of us come out of the womb with gold in our hands and none of us leave this world with crowns on our heads. Our hearts begin to beat by some miraculous strike of energy, and our hearts stop beating because of lack of that same energy. During our time in our mother’s body our bodies all do the same exact thing.

I’m not sure what to do about all this madness, I never am. Some times I want to climb to my rooftop and scream at the world around me. Other times I want to grab my family in my arms where I feel like it’s the only safe place to be.

I know my strength as a woman, as a mother. I know that bearing child is one of the most precious, amazing, frightening, exhilirating, and emotionally taxing journeys anyone (man or woman, parent or not) could endure. There is NOTHING like it. Nothing even comes close.

And it’s because of that power and responsibility that I was given, as a woman, that makes me feel like the ONLY way for our children’s generation to have better light, is for the mothers of NOW to create that example for them.  I know this deep in my core. I know others know it too. The question is HOW.

I hope that we figure out how. I hope it’s soon. Because the image of a woman with child is nothing less than extroadinary.  And its a shame that the souls traveling through us are entering a place less than from where they came from.

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