The fifth human: Mama dreams a lot

You’re all I think about these days. Are you okay in there? Will you like it out here? Will you love me as much as I love you?

Your siblings are so anxious to meet you.
Your Papa wonders what you’ll be like. He already has so many things He wants to teach you. He’s concerned about the environment you’re being brought into and He fights every day to prepare for the life that aims to give you a healthy, enriching, and inspiring path so that you can fulfill your own journey, whatever that may be. He’s very curious as to that, too.
Sometimes, things get challenging. There are a million tasks I want to complete before your arrival, some have to do with you, some have to do with us 4, some have to do with work, and a couple of things with myself.  But physically You and I are growing and on many days lately all I can do is muster up some energy to take a walk. On those days I write, and I study. And I mentally manifest what I hope to come.
You are a blessing to me.
I feel so new having you grow inside of me.
And on the days where I can only get a walk in, I make sure it’s by a favorite place, where I can sit, think, and dream of all the things I want for You, Your Siblings, and Your Papa.
This is my purpose right now. And I am so happy I’ve found it.
Namaste little one.

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